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"This is an experience outside the norm. This is a unique awakening of human intellect where esoteric knowledge is being passed down to individuals expected to apply a keen sense of achievement, organization and commitment. If any of these qualities surpass the abilities of anyone seeking assistance, they should find themselves in the wrong surroundings and seek orthodox means of educational support." 





 Dear parents and valued students,

The decision to remove the year 12 mid year examinations was regretful for the fact that students will now have to carry the burden of a multitude of final examinations without benefiting from the experience mid year examinations provided.

As a part of many professionals who have expressed disbelief in regards to this policy, I have to honestly articulate my deep regret that the education system is taking the path of damaging further our educational reputation that is already suffering and lagging behind many other countries in the region and the world.

Following this decision, students undertaking VCE who have already been receiving assistance or new students joining should be aware that I will be continuing to provide assessment as I have always did before: according to a mid year examination and final year exams. The change in policy should and will not alter the responsible and efficient approach and preparation we have been implementing since 2006. 

Students are strongly encouraged and advised to aim to cover their material ahead of the start of the academic year in order to attain a positive advantage.
As another academic year has just been completed, it brought with it immense joy and fulfillment and I have continuously strived to assist my students with the tools attained from years of experience in order to alter their complete view on education and equip them with the identical approach I have followed and am still applying today.
It is encouraging to hear about the exciting changes which will be implemented with literacy in regards to language proficiency to be introduced into the curriculum. This will be focused on grammatical and composition based learning and it is a welcoming new policy.
Each year is filled with many attributes that prove yet again that individuals are diverse and that we need to grasp and comprehend what this opportunity brings with it.
I fully understand why some did contact me and requested proof and reassurance for their kids; this is the outcome of the holes that exist in our educational system that still fails to separate the fully deserving individuals with adequate professionalism and knowledge from those who haven’t yet deserved to attain this huge responsibility. 
In order to mend this reality we keep facing today, I offer my simple recommendations that I will be proposing in every chance I get to the educational body:
-          First to keep altering the educational curriculum in our schools that needs further improvements in order to match and even surmount the educational structure in other countries. This latest decision is damaging our system further.

-          To alter the undergraduate education course at universities as the current structure is fully inadequate to prepare future teachers for the challenge ahead. The primary ATAR score should be elevated to reach a minimum of 90 range for admission into universities. Additionally, the course subjects undertaken must be learnt with complete proof of deep knowledge so that undergraduate students will be completely knowledgeable with the subjects chosen to be administered in schools. Failure to provide this kind of conception on any related explanation or task within any academic subject should hinder the ability for students to graduate as teachers.

-          Keep monitoring teachers’ performance and applying regular and stringent guidelines for teachers and students to ascertain that basic grasp of academic subjects is applied.

 It is with great gratification that I am looking forward to yet another year with all its challenges and accomplishments, hoping that the expertise and rapport I share with our future generation would benefit all those endeavouring to accomplish their intermediate step towards a sense of personal contentment.

            Dr. Pierre Elias
           Company Director
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