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This section is a sincere dedication around regular events here at Ace International. Keeping our customers and the general public in touch with the inner occurrences within the organization is another innovation aimed at involving everyone through updates and transparencies.

This section is regularly maintained, please do check in frequently.


- 11/04/06 - Ace International Tutoring is established.

- 21/07/08 - Ace International Tutoring now covers more of the Northern Melbourne suburbs, please contact us to check your area's availability.

- 13/10/08 - Congratulations to our students: Jill, Charmaine, and Chistopher for winning the Mcray Scholarship Award.

- 27/11/08 - This new website is launched.

- 28/11/08 - Congratulations to our student Jessica in Ivanhoe for achieving a 98.7% score on the Advanced Skills Unit. Well Done!!

- 30/11/08 - Many thanks for the thoughtful gift and Christmas card from Christian in Avondale Heights. It was a kind gesture; we are looking forward to continuous achievements in the years ahead.

- 01/12/08 - We would like to welcome Mayank from Glen Iris who is preparing for year 12.

- 05/12/08 - Welcome Sumaiya from Hoppers Crossing who is undertaking year 12 in 2008.

- 05/12/08 - We would like to congratulate Jotta in Preston for receiving an excellence award. Well done Jotta! We are pretty confident of your continuous achievements in the years ahead. Good luck in year 12 VCE!

- 07/12/08 - Welcome Julian from Mill Park who joins our group of students undertaking advanced sessions preparing for year 12.

- 13/12/08 - Warm congratulations to our student Jessica for obtaining outstanding reviews for the end of term 2, 2007. Achieving above expectations outcomes embodies the type and level of high accomplishment we always stand to represent; well done!

- 13/12/08 - Welcome Christian (Year 12) and Daniel (Year 10) from Taylors Lakes and Cairnlea.

- 15/12/08 - A warm welcome to Jenny from Roxburgh Park who will be undertaking year 12 in 2008; we are glad and excited to offer her advanced sessions in French Language.

- 16/12/08 - We are happy to include Paul from Balwyn in the advanced sessions for the following subjects: Chemistry, Specialist, and French Language.

- 18/12/08 - I am overwhelmed by the continuous kind gestures from our students: a big thank you to Christian from Taylors Lakes and Daniel from Cairnlea for the thoughtful Christmas presents. See you soon back in January.

- 20/12/08 - I cannot stress the immense appreciation for the presents I am consistently receiving; a big thank you to Adrian and his family (very much appreciated) and also Stephanie, Kristine, Sophie and their family for their very thoughtful gestures.

- 22/12/08 - A huge thanks to the Anastasopoulos family in Preston for the kind Christmas gift; a very kind gesture. A special and personal thank you to Jotta.

- 03/01/09 - Would like to welcome Gilbe from Greenvale and Ibrahim from Meadow Heights undertaking Physics and Maths respectively.

- 08/01/09 - Welcome Mark from Bundoora studying Year 12 and undertaking the English language preparation.

- 14/01/09 - A very great pleasure to have Natasha and Ethan from Hillside.

- 21/01/09 - We are excited to have Jhon from Mill Park who is in year 11 for Maths Methods, Chemistry and English.

- 26/01/09 - A pleasure to share our expertise with Johnny from Pascoe Vale in year 12 for Maths Methods, English and Chemistry.

- 28/01/09 - We would like to welcome the inclusion of Sujith from Blackburn South in year 10 for French language and Science.

- 01/02/09 -A great enjoyment is experienced in the sessions with Sue and Noel from Melbourne CBD for French language.

- 03/02/09 - We welcome Deniz from Meadow Heights in year 12 Chemistry.

- 07/02/09 - A pleasure to have Divya and Anya (Year 12 & Year 8 respectively) from Bundoora.

- 10/02/09 - We would like to welcome Jawad in Coburg, Year 12 Specialist and Chemistry.

- 17/02/09 - Colin from Airport West and Nicholas from Mill Park are the latest students to join our team; they are studying French in year 12.

- 18/02/09 - We like to welcome Kathleen from Heidelberg West studying French Year 12.

- 20/02/09 - We are ecstatic to include Dalton from Taylors Lakes (Year 12) in our tuition sessions despite the very hectic schedule we are experiencing.

- 23/06/09 - After an absence from publishing any updates due to the very loaded schedule, I would like to provide the newest developments; I like to congratulate my current students for the great achievements they are obtaining in all year levels, the realization of further outstanding results is ever continuing.

- 29/09/09 - I would like to apologize for all the students who contacted me and left messages on my mobile, I would appreciate that future correspondence be conducted via electronic mail; at least until the exams' time has passed.

- 20/11/09 - Good luck for all my year 12 students after sitting their final exams, I am looking forward to yet another year of great achievements. Also for my students in years 9 to 11, your thirst for success is inspirational, keep it up!

- 21/11/09 - I would like to thank Jawad, Christian, Jotta, Julian, Chris, Mayank, Vanessa, and Peter for their touching thoughts, many thanks and we are looking forward for the results next month!

- 02/01/10 - I am looking forward to yet another year to share the knowledge and excitement with all the students, I advise everyone to book the sessions asap to avoid disappointment like it occurred in 2008. Good luck and all the success to come.

- 14/03/10 - Welcome our new and continuing students: Harshi Year 12 (South Morang), Anne Mary year 12 (Viewbank), Fanshuo year 12 (Abbotsford), Alexandra year 8 (Keilor East), David year 11 (Oaklands Junction), Kathy year 12 (Lalor), Lisa year 12 (Thomastown), Brigette year 12 (Bundoora), Marcus year 12 (Epping), Jane year 12 (Roxburgh Park), Candan year 12 IB (Greenvale), Nidal year 12 (Mill Park), George year 11 (Preston), Elie year 11 (Reservoir), Ethan year 12 (Hillside), Marina year 12 (Delahey), Marissa year 11 (Reservoir), Avon year 12 (Reservoir), Adriana year 12 (Greenvale), Darcy year 11 (Ascot Vale), Jessica year 8 (Attwood), Johnny year 12 (Mill Park), Hamza year 11 (Coburg), Steve preparing for the GAMSAT (Pascoe Vale), Annette preparing for the GAMSAT (Mill Park), Anya year 9 (Bundoora), Tanya year 12 (Thomastown), Olivia year 12 (Roxburgh Park), Rami year 10 (Coburg), Jeanette year 11 (Pascoe Vale), Daniel year 12 (Thomastown), Bianca year 12 (Reservoir), Amanda year 12 (Mill Park), Marie year 12 (Tullamarine), Nikki year 11 (Balwyn North).

- 10/04/10 - I would like to welcome Elena year 12 (Epping), Seif Ali year 12 (South Morang), Ellen year 12 (Coburg North), Katherine year 11 (Taylors Lakes).

- 12/04/10 - I like to thank the MedEntry team for their support administered to my students interested in applying for the UMAT exam. Their cooperation and understanding have been much appreciated.

- 01/05/10 - I would like to congratulate Marcus year 12 Epping for attaining the award for excellence in Chemistry in his academic year level. Well done!

- 09/06/10 - I want to wish my students undertaking mid year exams all the luck and the best of achievement, I would like to congratulate them on their great efforts and perseverance.

- 12/06/10 - Congratulations to Alexandra for attaining distinguished reults in Science, English and Maths. I am confident of her continuous success.

- 12/06/10 - After that the VCE mid year exams are finished, it has become apparent that this year's exam structure has been different than earlier academic years, this stresses the point for additional work to be expected from students who aim to achieve their goals; the swine flu scare with many schools interrupting classes and the impact of highly expected outcomes did have an impact on most students. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and we are expecting satisfying results.

- 24/06/10 - I would like to welcome Lucsha year 10 (Bundoora) and Sangavi year 9 (Bundoora), Omar year 12 (North Balwyn) and Iman year 10 (North Balwyn).

- 09/07/10 - We would like to welcome Courtney in year 10 from Mill Park, we are glad to share the beginning of this journey with you.

- 24/07/10 - I am very pleased to have Tenaya (year 10) from Craigieburn and Elyssa (year 9) from Mill Park to join our list of students. It is a pleasure to begin tuition with them.

- 28/07/10 - I like to wish everyone the best of luck in the UMAT examination, it is undeniable that this exam is very crucial and the future of enrolment in health based courses depends strongly on results obtained.

- 03/08/10 - I am ecstatic to have Parul (year 12 ) from Thomastown to begin tuition; I admire her determination and enthusiasm for the English subject. Although we were lucky to fit her in, I am relying on the individual's tenacity to achieve.

- 27/08/10 - *** Year 12 English Competition: All students are invited to register their interest in an English competition to be held next month that provides the opportunity to practice a sample english exam as preparation for the English exam in October. Anyone interested should send me an email to indicate his/her desire to participate. This is open for all current year 12 students. Specific guidlines are to be followed as exactly similar to exam conditions and prizes are to be given for the top three marks obtained. More details will be published on the site. Please note that this will not be taking place at a specific location but at your own time and your place of choosing. Wishing everyone the best of luck.

- 11/10/10 - After more than 60 current year 12 students have contacted me expressing their interest in the English competition, I cannot but anticipate the level of commitment these individuals have demonstrated. The competition will run in the next two weeks and will end prior to the English examination. Results will be published as soon as they become available. 

- 28/10/10 - I would like to wish all year 12 students and in particular my own students all the best in their end of year examinations. 

- 09/11/10 - A very big thank you to Marina, Amanda, Ellen and Elyssa for the considerate presents they offered me. I wish them and all my students who just completed year 12 the very best of luck and success.

- 23/11/10 - Following my advice, students have already started preparing for next year's academic year which is a commitment that presents numerous advantages and will provide them with a distinct advantage. Haroula, Sarjoon, Lucsha, Elie, Katherine, and Trevor are just a few whom I would like to congratulate on their efforts by commencing their early preparation for 2010.

- 06/12/10 - Year 12 English competition results announced:

  • First - Jeremy Murtagh (Balwyn) - Prize: $150 JB HiFi Gift Card - Aggregate Result: 29.5/30
  • Second - Cindy Lingh (South Morang) - Prize: $100 JB HiFi Gift Card - Aggregate Result: 29/30
  • Third - Harshi Singh (South Morang) - Prize: $50 JB HiFi Gift Card - Aggregate Result: 27/30
  • Fourth - Johnny Mishriky (Mill Park) - Prize: $50 JB HiFi Gift Card - Aggregate Result: 26/30
  • Fifth - Samantha Portelli (Bundoora) - Prize: $50 JB HiFi Gift Card - Aggregate Result: 25/30

- 13/12/10 - Students' list 2010: Haroula year 12 (Bundoora), Lucsha year 11 (Bundoora), Sangavi year 10 (Bundoora), Sarjoon year 11 (Mill Park), Sarani year 10 (Epping), Nick year 12 (Mill Park), Elayna year 12 (Heidelberg Heights), George year 12 (Preston), Patricia year 12 (Bundoora).

- 01/01/11 - Students' list 2010: Sandy year 12 (Roxburgh Park), Stef year 11 (Macleod), Stephanie year 12 (St. Helena), Salome year 12 (Mill Park), Sophie year 12 (Greensborough), Hamza year 12 (Coburg).

- 16/01/11 - Students' list 2010: Anthony year 12 (Bundoora), Joseph year 12 (Mill Park), Mindra year 12 (South Morang) , Kaley year 12 (Pascoe Vale South), Tamara year 11 (Dallas).

- 06/02/11 - Students' list 2010: Myrofora year 12 (Lalor), Emilia year 12 (Keilor), Katherine year 12 (Taylors Lakes), Amy year 12 (Avondale Heights), Dale year 11 (Briar Hill), Elyssa year 11 (Mill Park), Anya year 10 (Bundoora), Darcy year 12 (Ascot Vale), Massa year 10 (Roxburgh Park), Lida year 12 (Roxburgh Park), Konnie year 12 (Lalor).

- 09/03/11 - Students' list 2010: Rema year 12 (Airport West), Shane year 10 (Mill Park), Jasmine year 8 (Mill Park), Jagpreet year 8 (Mill Park), Tai year 12 (Mill Park), Steven year 12 (Mill Park), Sheenu year 8 (South Morang), Kevin year 12 (Thomastown).

- 17/05/11 -  I would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the next three weeks leading to the mid year examinations, I am hoping that the trial exams that will be conducted will benefit the students and provide them with adequate preparation. 

- 10/10/11 - Congratulations to Stefan for obtaining Awards for Excellence in Chemistry and Mathematics. This achievement should be a continuous task. Well done.

- 30/01/12 - List of students for 2011 (updated at 30/01/11): Natasha year 11 (North Balwyn), Dale year 12 (Briar Hill), Sarah year 12 (St Helena), Nick year 11 (St Helena), Ben year 11 (Plenty), Sarjoon year 12 (Mill Park), Stefan year 12 (Mernda), Natasha year 10 (Greenvale), Jasmine year 9 (Mill Park), Sheenu  year 9 (Mill Park), Shane year 9 (South Morang), Lucsha year 12 (Bundoora), Anya year 11 (Bundoora), Aleksandar year 12 (Thomastown), Rami year 12 (Coburg), Christopher year 12 (Preston), Smitha year 11 (Mill Park), Sandra year 12 (Mill Park), Sophie year 12 (Bundoora), Jag year 11 (Mill Park), Chloe year 11 (South Morang), Simon year 12 (Reservoir), Trish year 12 (Mill Park), Brenda year 12 (Bundoora).

- 20/02/12 - List of 2011 students - updated: Caitlin year 12 (Mill Park), Ian year 9 (Greenvale), Natasha year 10 (Greenvale), Ebony year 12 (Mill Park Heights), Elyssa year 11 (Mill Park), Sandra year 12 (Mill Park), Mary-Louise year 12 (Bundoora), Cassandra year 12 (Lalor).

- 02/04/12 - List of students - updated: Ahmed year 12 IB (Fawkner), Daniel year 12 (Greensborough), Aidan year 11 (Bulleen), Natalie year 12 (Mill Park).

- 15/05/12 - I am happy to have found some availabilities for the following students: Sangavi year 11 (Bundoora), Ryan year 11 (Mill Park), Steve year 11 (Mill Park).

- 08/08/12 - I like to welcome Majinder (South Morang) year 11, Thomas (Epping) year 11 and Taylah (South Morang) year 11.

- 01/04/13 - Student list 2012: Natasya year 12 (Balwyn North), Costa year 10 (Balwyn North), Danni year 12 (Balwyn North), Jade year 11 (Kew), Anisha year 11 (Mill Park), Natasha year 11 (Greenvale), Chris year 12 (Preston), Aidan year 12 (Eltham), Sangavi year 12 (Bundoora), Anya year 12 (Bundoora), Shane year 9 (South Morang), Gursimar year 10 (South Morang), Chloe year 12 (South Morang), Nick year 12 (St Helena), Javed year 10 (Mill Park), Jasmine year 10 (Mill Park), Smitha year 12 (Mill Park), Thomas year 12 (Epping), Elyssa year 12 (Mill Park), MIchael year 11 (Reservoir), Manjinder year 10 (South Morang), Jag year 12 (Mill Park), Ryan year 12 (Mill Park), Sharanjit year 10 (Craigieburn), Michelle year 12 (Brisbane), Elissa year 10 (Meadow Heights), Anna year 12 (Bundoora), Sasani year 9 (Epping), Karley year 12 (Reservoir), Sharon year 12 (Preston), Marlow year 12 (Reservoir), Scott year 12 (Thomastown), Brittani year 12 (Epping), Jenny year 12 (Templestowe), Sammy year 11 (Mill Park), Tish year 12 (Greenvale), Emma-Jane year 12 (Bundoora), Anita year 12 (Mill Park), Rony year 12 (Reservoir).
- 12/11/13 - I would like to congratulate Anisha for attaining the school captaincy in 2013. I will be looking at continuous achievements on her behalf.

- 08/12/13 - Monty from Thomastown (year 12), Maryan from Roxburgh Park (year 12 IB), Javed from Mill Park (year 11) have joined Ace International Tutoring!

- 10/01/14 - Alexander from Macleod (year 12), Katherine from Saint Helena (year 11), Natasha from Greenvale (year 12), Lucas from Heidelberg Heights (year 12), Caroline from Epping (year 12).

- 04/02/14 - Tania from Pascoe Vale (year 11), Jasmine from Mill Park (year 11), Evander from Eaglemont (year 11), Anthony from Lalor (year 9), Shobika from Bundoora (year 11), Cathy from Kew (year 12), Melanie from Epping (year 12), Edward from South Morang (year 12), Sammy from Bundoora (year 12).

- 03/03/14 - I would like to thank everyone for their wishes and support during and after the surgery I underwent on the 13th of February. I like to also apologize to all the students for the temporary suspension of lessons and I like to thank them for their understanding and commitment during this time. I am pleased to resume assistance starting on the 4th of March. It will be a slow recovery however it will be facilitated by the support and appreciation I am experiencing from everyone. Many thanks.

- 09/03/14 - Aydin from Greenvale (year 11), Anthony from Lalor (year 9), Jessica from Mill Park (year 11), George from Mill Park (year 11), Dean from North Balwyn (year 9), Georgia from North Balwyn (year 9), Robert from Bundoora (year 12), Alex from Epping (year 12), Bethany from Lalor (year 12).

- 16/03/14 - Lidia from Mill Park (year 11), Jessica from Mill Park (year 11), Ciara from Mill Park (year 12), Janette from Lalor (year 12), Marlene from Thomastown (year 12).

- 23/05/14 - Abdulla from Roxburgh Park (year 10), Shobika from Bundoora (year 9), Lidia from Mill Park (year 11), Emily from Bundoora (year 9).

- 26/08/14 - Ace International Tutoring Pty Ltd
 is now a member of The Australian Tutoring Association (ATA):

- 26/08/14 -  Jordan from Mill Park (year 12), Shaun from Bundoora (year 9), Sajitha from Roxburgh Park (year 12), Jordan from Greenvale (year 11), Tharshini from Epping (year 10).

- All students are invited to attend a celebration of the company's 8th anniversary on Sunday the 13th of April from 6pm. Enjoy the company with cakes and refreshments.

- Ace International Tutoring students in 2015: Year 12: Ricky (South Morang), Lidia (Mill Park), Katherine (Saint Helena), Jordan (Greenvale), Aydin (Greenvale), Jasmine (Mill Park), Ali (Thomastown), Maureen (South Morang), Manjinder (South Morang), Dhanya (Roxburgh Park), Shirleen (Mill Park), Jessica (Mill Park), Samatar (Roxburg Park), Roberta (Greensborough), Mileena (Bundoora), Steven (Epping), Charles (Greensborough), Jenna (Bundoora), Jamie (Ivanhoe), Sven (Epping), Sandra (Mernda), Chloe (Plenty), Adrian (Mill Park).
Shane year 11 - South Morang, Abigail year 11 - Greensborough, Shobika and Oviya years 11 and 10 - Bundoora, Dylan year 11 - Attwood, Jerome year 9 - Epping, Dinul year 10 Roxburgh Park, Abdullah year 11 - Roxburgh Park, Waays and Waayen year 11 - Roxburgh Park. 

- 2016 students' list: Ekroop year 9 Mill Park, Oviya year 9 Bundoora, Shanya year 11 Bundoora, Abbi year 11 Greensborough, Tamara year 11 Mill Park, Claire year 10 Bundoora, Sam year 10 Reservoir, Tammy year 11 Thomastown, Stacy year 11 Epping, Robert year 11 South Morang, Zoe year 12 Epping, Trish year 12 Bundoora, Claude year 12 Thomastown, Hamish year 12 Epping, Samantha year 12 Lalor, Musti year 12 Mill Park, Antonetta year 12 Greensborough, Mel year 12 Epping, Ben year 12 Plenty, Kayla year 12 Bundoora, Tom year 12 Saint Helena, Mark year 12 Lalor, Bella year 12 Bundoora, Matuidi year 12 Epping, Wayne year 12 Mernda, Kate year 12 Greensborough, Sankalp year 12 Thomastown.

- Students' list for the 2017 academic year: Ridham year 10 Epping, Ekroop year 10 Mill Park, Teeroshan year 12 Mill Park, Emile year 10 Kew, Alex year 10 Kew, Jaydin year 12 Taylors Lakes, Joel year 9 Roxburgh Park, Ali year 12 Epping, Omair year 12 Epping, Nikhita year 12 South Morang, Catrina year 11 Epping, Frank year 12 Epping, Faith year 12 Mernda, Annette year 10 Mill Park, James year 12 Bundoora, Alicia year 12 Mill Park, Constantin year 12 Thomastown, Ryan year 12 Mernda, Trish year 12 Greensborough, Trevor year 12 Plenty, Antonio year 12 Plenty, Sean year 12 Epping, Margaret year 12 Balwyn, Ella year 12 Greensborough, Amy year 12 Kew, Bianca year 12 Balwyn, May year 12 Epping, Dina year 12 Epping, Danny year 12 Bundoora, Christelle year 12 Kew.

- 2018 students' list: Julian year 8 South Morang, Abudi year 9 Bundoora, Johann year 8 Roxburgh Park, Joel Year 8 Roxburgh Park, Emile year 11 Kew, Alex year 11 Kew, Jobair year 11 Epping, Ekroop year 11 Mill Park, Year 12:  Anne Mary Heidelberg, Angelo South Morang, Brenda Mill Park, Caleb Mernda, Damian Plenty, Dany Bundoora, Enzo Balwyn, Garry Reservoir, Jarrod Macloed, Kerry Bundoora, Kayla Greensborough, Laura Lalor, Maurice Epping, Menelaos Reservoir, Pamela Epping, Roberta Balwyn, Suzanne Thomastown, Tony Mill Park, Venus Bundoora.

- Students' list for the 2019 academic year: Johann year 9 and Joel year 9 Roxburgh Park, Andrew year 12 Epping, Laura year 12 Bundoora, Steven year 11 Mernda, Kunwar year 11 Mernda, Sean year 12 Eltham, Julian year 9 South Morang, Dianne year 12 Greensborough, Terry year 12 Epping, Fiona Year 12 Bundoora, Harry year 12 Saint Helena, Janet year 12 Mill Park, Neha year 11 Mernda, Maureen year 12 Bundoora, Betty year 12 South Morang, Nasr year 12 Thomastown, Paul year 12 Reservoir, Kathy year 12 Greensborough, Renee year 12 Preston, Ben year 12 Macleod, Alex year 11 Kew, Sarah year 10 Bundoora. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are so many tutoring services out there, how would I know which one is the best for my children?


Throughout our tutoring experiences in the last 12 years we have discovered that many advertise as tuition specialists in a range of academic subjects; unfortunately this isn't always genuine.

Many of our students have experienced unease and disappointment when approaching tuition advertisements and seeking help and guidance, this is why it is very imperative to rely on tutoring experts with strong and diverse academic expertise in order to avoid time delays and money waste.

We believe the tuition profession isn't an easy one and not all people with an educational background are adequate in private home tuition; many specific personal and academic qualities must be present to reach accord with students of all levels and intellect.

How does the tutoring actually work?


We provide at home tutoring sessions, so we come over to your place of residence and offer tutoring sessions. Please be advised that advancement classes at the company headquarters will be held in the near future, giving students an excellent opportunity to be equipped with the best tools whilst in a challenging and flexible classroom setting. 


Are there any extra costs involved?

Absolutely not! The tuition costs are inclusive and the rate covers all associated costs so you don't have to worry about any other fees or charges. For tutoring charges please refer to the subjects' page.


Do I have to continue with a weekly booking once tutoring goes underway?


There is no obligation to have tutoring sessions every week or several times a week, but we believe a continuous tutoring schedule will have outstanding impact on students' confidence and development.

We encourage students to have a minimum of weekly planned sessions and early booking to guarantee tuition intake as our schedule can get very hectic as it is most times.


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